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Divyang Legal is committed in developing and working towards an inclusive society where each individual despite of their shortcomings/ disabilities get an opportunity to excel and explore their capabilities and qualities. We believe that this can only be achieved if a strong initiative to actively build a disable-friendly environment, suitable to meet their needs, is encouraged and created by employers/ management at all levels of an establishment.

We at Divyang Legal strongly believe that fully aware and sensitized employers as well as the management, in general, would be in a better position to protect the rights of disabled students/ employees in their establishment. Under the sensitization program we provide valuable information on the various obligations that any establishment is required to fulfill under the Rights of Persons With Disabilities (“RPWD”) Act, 2016 along with certain guidelines and notifications so that the rights of disabled students/employees are protected.

The training sessions are conducted at all levels and are customized based upon the nature of the establishment. The relevant provisions of the RPWD Act, rules, guidelines are explained in a simple comprehensive language giving illustrations wherein the employer/ management is made aware about their obligations. Few decided case laws by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and High Courts are also discussed in these sessions to touch upon some pertinent legal issues. Through these sessions the employers/ management is made aware about the consequences in case of non fulfilment of their obligations.

Divyang Legal has meticulously built these sensitization programs to help you and your management understand your obligations. Some of the topics discussed include the following:

  • Non discriminatory approach to disabled students/ employees
  • Drafting of an equal opportunity policy
  • Maintainance of records
  • Appointment of laizan officer and grievance redressal officer
  • Built-in environment accessibility and web accessibility
  • Reservation policy specially in ccase of government establishments
  • Compliances for educational institutions
  • Special facilities available to in-service government employees
  • Special facilities to be provided by banks to its visually impaired employees/ customers
  • INCENTIVE SCHEME FOR Private sector employers

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