General Training Programs

Divyang Legal believes that the overall development of any society is possible only with the inclusion of all sections of the society. We at Divyang Legal are committed in protecting and preserving the rights of the disabled by conducting training and workshops based on the laws relating to the rights of persons with disabilities.

We conduct training sessions at all levels of an establishment and customize these sessions based upon the nature of your establishment. The relevant provisions of the Rights of Persons With Disabilities (RPWD) Act, rules and guidelines are explained in a simple yet effective language along with illustrations with a view towards creating awareness among the disabled community about their rights and entitlements. However, these are not limited to just those afflicted with a disability, we also aim to educate and make aware individuals of the society in general who may be unaware about some of the basic legal rights of persons with disabilities. In our sessions we also encourage interactions and discuss a few decided case laws by the Hon’ble Supreme Court and High Courts to throw light about some pertinent legal issues with respect to the rights of persons with disabilities.

These training sessions are based on imparting valuable information concerning various topics relating to disabled and enriching the knowledge of participants on various areas dealing directly with them. Through interactive sessions, an attempt is made to share maximum awareness about the legal rights of persons with disabilities.

Divyang Legal conducts training sessions for disabled students/ employees in any establishment with a view to create awareness of their rights and entitlements. Our training sessions touch upon some pertinent topics which are, but not limited to, the following :

  • The relevant provisions of the RPWD Act, 2016 and RPWD Rules, 2017
  • Scribe Guidelines in relating to Examinations
  • Special facilities available to in-service government employees
  • Special banking facilities provided to visually impaired
  • Scholarships Opportunities
  • INCENTIVE SCHEME FOR Private sector employers
  • Schemes on financial assistance
  • Tax deductions/ exemptions
  • Insurance Schemes
  • Transport Concessions
  • Telecom and Post concessions

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