We at Divyang Legal believe that it is the duty of every person with a disability to be fully aware about all the various rights and entitlements that are available for them. Furthermore we believe that it is the prerogative of every disabled to get their rights enforced through appropriate authorities and forums. Divyang Legal has been conceptualized with this intent and thus, we also extend our services to those aggrieved individuals who are disabled and unfairly deprived of their basic legal rights.

Divyang Legal, being a division of RSB LegaL, is a full-service law firm that can assist an aggrieved disabled in the process of obtaining their legal rights with the help and support of an accomplished legal team. Our team comprises of some of the best minds of Supreme Court and High Court lawyers who can provide you with complete legal and advocacy support.

Divyang Legal provides the following advocacy services:

  • Providing legal assistance to persons with disabilities as well as institutions/ NGO’s working for the disabled;
  • Drafting, pleading and representing aggrieved persons with disabilities before appropriate authorities/ forums.
  • Assisting disabled in owning or inheriting movable or immovable property.
  • Assisting disabled in controlling financial affairs, access to bank loans, mortgage and other forms of financial credits.
  • Assisting disabled in getting a limited guardian through District Court or designated authority.
  • Assisting individuals working for disabled in formation of trusts/ society.

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