What Health Insurances are available for Persons with Disabilities?

Health insurance schemes are available for persons with disabilities as well as for those who have dependants with disabilities. These are provided by New India Assurance Co. Ltd. (“NIACL”)and Life Insurance Corporation of India (“LIC”).

These are as follows –

  1. Nirmaya Health Insurance Scheme: Applicable to people with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities as under the National Trust Act, 1999, it offers an insurance coverage of Rs. 1 lakh for both pre and post hospitalization treatments at a low premium amount. If the family’s income is less than 15,000 then the policy holder is liable is to pay only Rs. 250 as the fixed premium payout. But if the monthly income of the family is over Rs. 15,000 then the premium to be paid is Rs. 500.
  2. Swavalamban Health Insurance Scheme: This can be availed by any person suffering from any of the following disabilities – Blindness, Low Vision, Leprosy – Cured, Hearing impaired, Locomotor disability, Mental Retardation and Mental illness. The scheme provides an insurance cover of upto Rs. 2 lakh per annum to those whose annual family income is less than Rs. 3 lakh. However, a person with multiple disabilities would not be eligible for the scheme.
  3. LIC Jeevan Aadhar Scheme – This is a Life Insurance Policy especially for physically challenged dependents as specified in Section 80DDA of the Income Tax Act, 1961. The plan is a limited payment whole life plan with assured amount of the policy ranging from Rs. 50,000 to max-no limit. Section 80DDA of the Income Tax Act relates to ‘Deduction in respect of deposit made for maintenance of handicapped dependent’.The disabilities covered under Section 80DDA are:
  1. permanent physical disability (including blindness)
  2.  mental retardation, being a permanent physical disability or
  3.  mental retardation specified in section 80DD
  4. LIC Jeevan Vishwas Scheme – This life insurance is designed to empower a guardian to provide benefits to their disabled dependants whose degree of disability does not match the norms listed in Jeevan Adhar Scheme. It is an endowment plan that can be utilized as a long term annuity plan after the demise of the life insured.

Can persons with disabilities avail Motor Insurance concessions under the India Motor insurance Tariff?

The India Motor Insurance Tariff provides for the following concessions for persons with disabilities with respect to motor vehicle insurances:

  1. GR.16. provides for the Minimum Premium payable-
    The minimum premium applicable for vehicles specially designed or modified for use of the blind, handicapped and mentally challenged persons will be Rs.25/- per vehicle. For all other vehicles, the applicable minimum premium per vehicle will be Rs.100/-.
  2. GR.33. provides for Concessions for Specially Designed / Modified Vehicles for the Blind, Handicapped and Mentally challenged persons-

A discount of 50% may be allowed on the Own Damage premium in respect of both privately owned vehicles and vehicles owned and used by institutions engaged exclusively in the services of the blind, handicapped and mentally challenged persons. The discount is to be allowed only in respect of such vehicles, which have been suitably endorsed in the Registration Certificate by the RTA concerned.